About Us

Our name was conceived on the river, my children were sitting on our boards discussing the local wildlife they had discovered , when a family of ducks surprisingly appeared from the river bank causing the children to fall from our boards shouting "DaftDuk!"
We are a new family run company established in 2020. 
But please don't let our age affect your decision to believe in us.
We have over 25 years experience available in water sports .
With well over a year spent researching and working with experienced ISUP Board manufacturers from all over the world to develop high quality boards.
We are proud to announce Daftduk are supporting
The Isabel Baker Foundation.

Our Mission

Our Mission is simple with so many boards to choose from we want to make your decision easy, with our first Daftduk campaign "Orange Duk" we have brought you two high quality boards that will stand out from the rest with their vivid design.